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Time is changing and this changing time in order to grow professionals need an edge and which can show that they are better than others. This edge is the edge of some additional advance knowledge. This Program is designed to meet the growing demands of traders, investment advisors, business developers, client relationship managers and entrepreneurs in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency market segment. Participants get an excellent exposure of trading through different analytical software and extensive hands-on training on simulated software on NSE/ BSE/ F&O/NCDEX.
They thoroughly understand the concepts of arbitrage, portfolio management, wealth management, financial planning and option strategies. Avoid expensive trading blunders with this hand-on course designed to make proficient traders and investment advisors. The invaluable lessons learned in this course save our student's and client's thousands of rupees in trading and investment outlook mistakes.



  • Concepts of Arbitrage, Sauda Badla, Techniques of Build-up & Square-up Positions
  • Trades in Cash to Cash, Cash to F&O and Spread
  • Understand the concept of Portfolio Management and wealth management
  • Learn the concept of risk & return pertaining to investment
  • Building excel projects to determine maximum loss and minimum profit
  • Key features of equity derivatives including examples and calculations
  • Trading exposure in commodity & currency derivatives.
  • Practical hands-on practice and demonstration of simulated trading environment
  • Futures & Options Trading techniques and strategies
  • Personality development & business communication skills
  • Live case studies & projects


  • What is Arbitrage
  • Concept of high Frequency Trading
  • Concept & Origin of Arbitrage
  • Terminology
  • Cash to Cash Arbitrage
  • Cash to Future Arbitrage
  • Future to Future Arbitrage
  • Inter and Intra Exchange Arbitrage
  • Situational & Inter Country Arbitrage
  • Volatility Trading, Synthetic & Box Trading
  • Excel Project Creation & Training of Arbitrage
  • Portfolio Management
  • Types of Stocks
  • Diversification & its Applications
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Applications
  • Portfolio Review
  • Wealth Management
  • Objective of Investments
  • Types of Investments
  • Risk Return Profiles
  • Diversification & Its Importance
  • Financial Planning
  • Trading Psychology
  • Traders Vs. Investors
  • Cycle of Greed, Fear & Hope
  • Stop Loss- Target Strategies
  • Intra-Day Trading
  • Introduction-Future & Options
  • Options Terminology
  • Options Strategies
  • Synthetic Long & Short Call
  • Covered Write & Protected Cover Write
  • Bull Spread & Bear Spread
  • Straddle & Strangle
  • Ratio Spread & Calendar Spread
  • Butterfly
  • Application of Strategies