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Arbitrage is the process of making profit from the price difference between two or more markets and a person who engages in arbitrage is called an arbitrageur. Arbitrage is one of the most looked up work opportunities in the finance market today. Our course on arbitrage is well designed by the experienced professionals of financial market. While framing the courses, our expert professionals take care of requirements of industry. Excellent theoretical and practical sessions are designed in such as way that it enables our students to understand trading concepts of Arbitrage Trading.



  • Concepts of Arbitrage, Sauda Badla, Techniques of Build-up & Square-up Positions.
  • Trades in Cash to Cash, Cash to F&O and Spread.
  • Problems and working with delivery arbitrage.
  • Learn the concepts of high frequency trading.
  • Generate regular safe return from arbitrage trading.
  • Help you understand the concept of price manipulation.
  • The problem of short selling with arbitrage
  • Project Building with MS Excel


    What is Arbitrage?
    Concept of high Frequency Trading
    Concept & Origin of Arbitrage Terminology Cash to Cash Arbitrage
  • Concept of Intraday Trade and delivery Trade
  • Exchange to Exchange
  • Spot to Spot
  • Forward to Forward
  • Cash to Future Arbitrage
  • Long Futures
  • Short Futures
  • Problems in Cash to Future Arbitrage
  • Future to Future Arbitrage
  • Valuing Futures
  • Calendar Spread Arbitrage
  • Nifty to Stock Arbitrage
  • Inter and Intra Exchange Arbitrage Situational & Inter Country Arbitrage Volatility Trading, Synthetic & Box Trading Excel Project Creation & Training of Arbitrage