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As the Indian market is escalating towards the new integrated complexities of the international financial system, a strong need of knowing the various new investment & hedging products has become the need of hour. Equity derivatives trading and operations is the most relevant course for current market participants who would like to upgrade their existing skill-set and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Indian financial services. With the evolution of equity, commodities and currency markets in India, derivatives owing to its characteristic of risk aversion, will witness high interest from the varied cross sections of the society. This course promises to create the most relevant and practical knowledge base on the subject for the participants.



  • To understand the concept of Futures & options.
  • Concept of speculation, Hedging & Arbitrage with Derivatives.
  • Live case studies & projects.
  • How to trade in derivatives (Margins & calculation).
  • Highly productive for short term traders of the market.
  • Help you understand the market makers and movers.
  • Help you understand the concept of price manipulation.
  • Understand the concept of Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management in derivatives.
  • Preparation of NISM Equity Derivatives Examination.


    What are derivatives products
  • Forwards
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Call & Put
  • Derivatives Market – History & Evolution
  • Indian Derivatives Market
  • Participants of derivatives Market
  • Understanding Index & Index Trading
  • Key drivers of derivatives trading
  • Understanding Futures
  • Understanding Options
  • Intrinsic Value & Time Value
  • American options & European Options
  • Trading Index with derivatives
  • Clearing & Settlement of Derivatives
  • Hedging through derivatives
  • Trading Methodology
  • Trading Futures
  • Trading options
  • Buying an option
  • Selling an option
  • Basic Option Trading Strategies
  • Option Spreads
  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Covered Call
  • Protective Put
  • Collar
  • Butterfly Spread