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This program is designed for a person entering into the financial market for the first time. The course will start from the basics and will guide the students about stocks and their operations, taking them further to higher levels. All in all, the aim of this course is to create Capital market professionals by giving strong fundamental knowledge and the most modern job-oriented practical training.



  • To understand the basic concepts, products and investments in the market
  • To understand and interpret the important Words used in the market
  • Easy to understand terminology and system of study
  • Highly productive for short or long term investors of the market
  • Help you understand the market makers and movers
  • Help you understand the concept of price manipulation
  • Understand the concept of Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management
  • Become market Ready
  • Preparation of NCFM Capital Market Dealer Module


  • Basics of Stock, Commodity & Currency Markets
  • Indian Securities Market
  • Primary & Secondary Market
  • Understanding the market jargons
  • Facts about Global & Indian Equity Market
  • Mechanism of Security Market
  • Trading & Trading Platforms
  • NOW
  • ODIN
  • NEAT
  • NEAT
  • Single code & Multi code platforms
  • Trading Methodology
  • Intra Day Trading
  • Positional Trading
  • Opening & Closing Routine
  • Script Selection
  • Structure of Trading Membership
  • Broker
  • Sub Broker
  • Agent
  • Clearing & Settlement
  • Concept Pay-in & Pay-out
  • Risk Management
  • Market Index, Depository & Mutual Funds
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Laws regulating the securities market
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Basic Fundamentals for Traders
  • Overview of Derivatives Market